Fast Motion Studios operates in the Toronto area with-in a 8,000 sq.ft. building complex. Offering studio rental of their 2,500 sq.ft. facility for cinematic pre-visualizations, rehearsal space, music videos, webcast, corporate videos, photographer shoot, live events and small productions. Green Screens & optical motion capture system are available for gaming, VR and new media projects. 

The complex is outfitted with:

  • 22 ft. high ceiling with-in the 2500 sq.ft studio

  • OptiTrack®-Optical Motion Capture System; Mobile

  • VICON® Optical Motion Capture System; Mobile

  • 30" wide catwalk around the studio perimeter

  • Green Screen 'Multi Sizes'

  • Aerial Stunt Truss System

    Office Area

  • Board Room- Main floor

  • Edit Suites - Main floor

  • Sound Booth - Main floor

  • Data Lab - Main floor

  • Executive/Client Lounge -2nd.floor

  • Talent 'Green' Room - 2nd. floor

  • Executive Offices - 2nd. floor

  • Make-up Room & Shower Facility - 2nd. floor